Sunday, October 24, 2010

Autumn 2010

Asters and dinner plate yellow dahlias.

Just as I was convinced I would never have time to write another post, God provided a quiet, sunny Sunday afternoon to relax and explore the garden. The dahlias, asters, and cosmos in several shades are blooming in a riot of color, defying the increasingly cool autumn weather.

Not only this, the little chicks we adopted in April have been busily producing eggs--some with double yolks--since July. We are busy eating omelettes, making custard, whipping up mayonnaise, and baking eight-egg cakes as fast as we can. The chickens also have a high entertainment value: They are ready to put on a show at feeding time, and rush up to the door of the pen clucking in unison whenever someone approaches.

A day's worth of output from the chickies