Monday, December 29, 2008

A Pretty New Tea Bag

The new tea bag is actually pyramidal, though this image flattens it to two dimensions.

My daughter is a talented researcher of new products. Over the years, she has discovered, tested, and championed a number of product innovations that are now in use at our house, including Mr. Clean magic erasers for getting scuff marks off of everything in a jiffy, and a ladies razor that really minimizes the risk of cuts and scrapes while shaving legs. She recently introduced me to a new, pyramid-shaped tea bag, manufactured in several lovely flavors by Lipton Tea. The design is so pretty that I think it may catch on, whether or not it enhances the flavor of the tea, as the package claims it does, and even though it costs a few more pennies per cup than the conventional paper tea bags. As a lover of teapots, and just sitting down for a "cuppa" with friends, I can't resist it.

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