Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Prettiest Little House in Connecticut

The dining room, where we had many a holiday gathering. The pine table opened to seat 12 or more. My aunt used the most inexpensive bamboo shades from China for both picture windows in the main living area.

My aunt is a genius at decorating. She and my uncle bought their three bedroom ranch house in southern Connecticut in the early 1950s, and it has always been beautifully furnished and
accessorized. In my opinion, it far outshines any McMansion for comfort, all on a budget that would make a furniture salesman and his friend at the mortgage department of Citibank weep. This house is tiny by 21st century standards--one bathroom with one sink, and laundry room in the basement. But it met all the needs of the family quite comfortably and was paid off in 20 years.

The living area, with a working fireplace, slate hearth and cedar wood paneling.

Another view of the living room, facing the front picture window, also with Chinese bamboo blinds. My aunt did not scrimp on furniture, and the pieces she selected lasted for decades in beautiful condition.

Facing the front door of the house. This is the original door, that came with the house in 1952.

Looking into the kitchen from the living area. Wallpaper is used artfully in every room and the hallway.

A view of the kitchen.

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