Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obama's Red Roots

Don't recognize everybody in this rogues gallery? Of course, there's Karl Marx and communist icon Che Gueverra (now emblazoned on onesies and bibs for radical parents), and Obama. Flanking The One are two characters that deserve plenty more limelight in the 2012 White House contest: unreptentent Weatherman bomber Bill Ayers (right), and the man who taught Obama most of what he thinks about how society should be organized: Frank Marshall Davis. (photo courtesy of

Over the past week, President Obama, administration officials, and the liberal media, have hardened their stance against the Catholic Church, and the constitutional right of all Americans to freedom of religion, repeatedly asserting the the HHS mandate guaranteeing free abortifacient drugs,  sterilization procedures, and contraception to all women under ObamaCare must be part of insurance plans offered by all religious institutions, even if abortion, contraception, and sterilization are against their beliefs.

Is it possible that, when Obama told reporters several years ago that America is not a Christian nation, he was asserting his hope for the future of American? If we are not to base our political and civil discourse on the Judeo-Christian principles of the founders, what system does Obama hold up as appropriate for the United States?

American Thinker blog's commentator Paul Kengor offers a compelling reminder that Obama learned his politics at the knee of the Marxist black nationalist radical Frank Marshall Davis. Davis had a political career that, among other things, featured enthusiastic support for the Soviet Union's Joe Stalin, and a calculated campaign to drive a wedge between American Catholics and Protestants on the issue of...contraception. Read Kengor's full analysis here.

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