Monday, April 23, 2012

Something My Son-in-Law Won't Like: National Parks Discourage Fishing

Cobia Fishing in the Atlantic: Obama Plays Golf, Why Can't We Fish?

Here's some news that may irritate my son-in-law (he's the handsome devil at bottom right) as much as it did me: The National Park Service is systematically closing off access to fishing and other recreational activities in the name of "saving the environment," and many of the new restrictions will kick in just in time to ruin your summer vacation.

Human Events reports this morning:
"Planning a vacation this summer to Miami’s Biscayne Bay for a little fishing?

"Think again, because the National Park Service wants to set aside a large swath of the pristine area as a marine reserve zone, so you might have to leave the fishing poles at home. And the boat.

"Perhaps horseback riding is more your speed and the family plans to ride through California’s Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Parks? Sorry, but all of the permits were pulled for those activities this summer.

"Or maybe you just want to lounge on the soft sands of North Carolina’s Outer Banks and read a novel, fly a kite with the kids, toss a Frisbee to the dog, and watch dad catch some fish?

"No, no, no and no."

A slew of new federal regulations are shutting down access to beaches, fishing sites, boating lanes, and wildlife refuges.

As one distressed bait and tackle shop owner in North Carolina  noted: "It’s fine and dandy to protect the environment, but at the same time we have a mandate to provide protection of resources, as well as enhance the future and present recreational opportunities. But that’s not what’s going on. Now it’s a single mandate which is to protect the environment.”

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