Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looking for a New President

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was raised a Hindu and converted to the Roman Catholic faith as a young adult

Are you, like me, eager to see some motion in the national political process to produce a winning Republican ticket for the 2012 presidential elections? Are you also eager to find a candidate who demonstrates the ability to understand fundamental moral issues and will not compromise?

Rev. Luke Robinson of the Quinn Chapel Africa Methodist Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland, speaking recently to at the 38th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., made an eloquent case that Americans must act now to scotch the candidacy of any GOP leader who proposes to shelf so-called social issues, that is euthanasia and the abortion of 4,000 babies a day in the United States, in favor of the so-called fiscal issue, that is, the nation’s pending bankruptcy. “There must be no retreat, no truce, and no going backwards,” he told 400,000 assembled activists. “We must hold our elected officials’ feet to the fire…We will give nobody a passcard, because life is too precious. There are those like Hailey Barbour of Mississippi and Mitch Daniels of Indiana, who call for a truce on social issues. They must be stopped before they get to the gate. They must not be given the slightest opportunity to extend the killing of the unborn…We do not need another President who is blind to the moral issues. We must move with dispatch and find someone who is in love with the culture of life and hates the culture of death….There must be no exceptions and there must be no compromises.”

Do you ask where committed pro-life voters can find a pro-life candidate with the guts and brains to stand up on this issue? I have begun with a serious look at Louisiana’s young Indian-American governor, Bobby Jindal, who has been writing on his conversion to Catholicism and aspects of Roman Catholic faith since the mid-1990s. Many of his articles appear in the New Oxford Review, and can be retrieved on line.

We must move with dispatch and give nobody a passcard.

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