Sunday, February 6, 2011

Good Tools Make All the Difference

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My Christmas present from my daughter for 2010 was a stainless steel cake decorating kit with six standard tips, which I have been using ever since for a variety of tasks. It has effectively replaced the unwieldy pastry bag that I have been grappling with for years. It's a snap to change tips in the middle of the decorating process, takes less than a minute to clean by hand, and is dishwasher safe. This weekend, I turned out a variety of vegetables stuffed with salmon spread and blue cheese dip, along with fancy deviled eggs, for an small tea party. I won't ever again plan for a meal for guests without considering how I can use this new tool to make it more appealing.

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Linda said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful spread! I have never been able to use a pastry bag to save my life. Is this a lot easier to use?